Ecumenical Prayer Service lead by brothers of the Taizé Community, France.

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Workshop and Ecumenical Prayer Service lead by brothers of the Taizé Community, France.

Workshop: venue and time TBA

Ecumenical Evening Prayer: Saturday 17 Sept 2011, 7 pm, St John’s Cathedral Anne St Brisbane.

Every week thousands of young people flock to the tiny village of Taizé in France to spend a week with a small community of brothers founded by Br Roger. Br Roger founded a community of hope, reconciliation and hospitality to all regardless of creed, culture or language. The brothers welcomed refugees and prisoners of war as well as orphaned children to their small community during WW2. Later many people visited the tiny community of brothers. The brothers responded by developing a style of contemplative prayer which would aid people from all denominations, and none, to meet and worship God together. Taizé has been visited by Popes, Ecumenical Patriarchs of the Eastern Churches, Archbishops of Canterbury, and leaders of many Protestant denominations. The music from Taizé is used in worship in many countries around the world and has inspired many to see God for the first time or in a new and personal way. This Ecumenical prayer service will be led by Br Ghislain and Br Matthew from the Taizé community. Come and experience this beautiful style of worship and meet God in a new and embracing way through prayer and song.

For further information contact Br Nathan-James SSF

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