Changes to Email

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This is for Brothers using the franciscan email. The franciscan website and email have been moved to a new server as of a few minutes ago. The only change you should notice is that instead of typing your email address as the username, you now log in using your username.franciscan. e.g. If I were Brother Matthew, I would login as brmatthew.franciscan using my usual password from the old server. I’ve put this message up to help those who may have lost my email or didn’t read it earlier this week. You can contact me via Brother Donald or Brother Nathan if you have issues. — Matt

The Mendicant Mind and Body

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Random acts of writing from an itinerant soul. Br Nathan-James has commenced his new blog The Mendicant Mind and Body. Feel free to drop by and add your thoughts, comments.

Change of Scenery

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Hi and welcome to the new SSF website which has many of the same information pages of the previous website but now uses WordPress to make the website. This should make it easier for the brothers to update the site and for you to see any changes to the content as it will show up on the front page.

The Divine Universe

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Br William has started a blog exploring the interface between science and religion. The Divine Universe

Lord, teach us to pray: a prayer school led by brothers of the Society of St Francis

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About the prayer school

The Prayer School has been developed as a way to share and experience different ways of praying. Whilst we feel drawn to deepen our relationship with God through prayer we sometimes find we do not know how to pray as we ought (Rom 8:26). Others, like The Pilgrim, find it hard to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17) as St Paul urges us to do.

The Prayer School draws on ancient, contemporary and creative ways of praying to present tools for renewing our prayer life; helping us to pray when it is difficult to do so.

The Prayer School can be offered in different formats; it can be either residential or non-residential; as a complete program or sessions may be offered individually.

If you would like to organise to have the prayer school run in your parish or community please contact Br Nathan-James

Download a copy of the brochure A prayer School PDF.

Visit the < TSSF Australia website >

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