Brother Donald Campbell heads EPIC Group of Charities. He has been involved with EPIC as their Chair for the past twenty years.

EPIC works primarily in Australia and assists  nearly 14000 people each year. Three years ago EPIC started in Slovakia, then Czech Republic and Scotland.

EPIC works with number of partners in these countries. In the past year EPIC has been assisting local authorities to establish social enterprises in Roma Communities in eastern Slovakia. Social enterprises will assist with development of these communities providing employment and a wide training of skills.

EPIC is partnering with a Scottish Charity in a new Youth Employment Programme in Ayrshire. There are high levels of youth unemployment  in this area of Scotland

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The photo below is of Brother Donald Campbell with Suzanna the Co-ordinator of EPIC Slovakia at the EU Employment Summit in Brussels. They are both having a bit of fun beside an advertisement for an Airline.IMAG0118