As brothers (Society of Saint Francis) and sisters (Community of St Francis) of the First Order of the Society of Saint Francis we live with the Lord Jesus as he walks through the cities, and towns of industrial empires, through fields, farms and villages.

Jesus constantly asks his disciples questions: “What do you think? Who do you say I am?” Jesus asks us the same questions often – too often- we don’t have the answer. But we all feel an urgent call to a life beyond that which we are living. Life in a community brings us closer to the answers – allows us to ‘live the questions’.

Throughout the whole process of becoming a professed brother or sister, we ask for God’s guidance. We try to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, about the life we are trying to lead. We travel the Way of the Cross with Jesus, in the spirit of Saint Francis. We learn that God asks us and that we ask each other to sacrifice our own will for the will of God, to sacrifice our own desires in order to be one with all God’s creatures.

For all the struggles and challenges of religious life, the rewards are very great. What we give up, we receive. We find part of that “treasure in heaven” which Jesus promises those who serve – simplicity, generosity and freedom.

So if you are searching for a way to serve God and people. You are

  • reasonably fit and don’t mind hard work;
  • feel called to live in community and want to make real friendships;
  • glimpse your own inner poverty and can recognise Christ in the poor and outcast;
  • are a member of the Church and long to see her renewed;
  • have an awareness of God’s love and want to grow in the life of prayer;
  • grieve at the brokenness of the world and believe in God’s reign of justice, mercy and peace;

Then perhaps God is calling you to become a Franciscan brother or sister. Accepting Christ Jesus as Lord and Master, seeking to follow him in the way of renunciation and sacrifice as an act of witness and for the loving service of his brothers and sisters.

We have houses in Australia and overseas – mostly in urban areas – and live our life in the service of Christ. Seeking to live and preach the gospel, with those in need, in the local community, welcoming others. Based on daily prayer, the Eucharist, community life, living in poverty, chastity and obedience.

Do you need more information? Read our FAQ or this excerpt from Br Geoffrey’s talk on Seeking God through Religious Life.

Come join us!