Compass: A Late Vocation

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Br Stephen David n/ssf - Compass: Late Vocations









The ABC Compass programme recently aired a piece on late (or perhaps rather delayed) vocations. Br Stephen David n/ssf who recently joined us as a novice was one of the people interviewed for the programme. The following programme summary is taken from the Compass website.

Compass explores the modern day appeal of religious life by following the personal journeys of three Australians who take up a vocation later in life.

A late vocation is a trend that harks back to medieval times when special religious orders were established for widows, men returning from battle and older people wishing to devote their later years to a spiritual life. Today, many people follow a calling after they have lived out a career-based vocation. In this program Compass meets a former Catholic nun who has just been ordained an Anglican priest; a former naval officer training to be a Franciscan brother; and, a former lawyer and federal politician who is now a Catholic priest. While maturity gives them some advantages, they also face unique challenges.

Story producer: Dina Volaric

You can view the programme on the Compass website

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Profession of Br James Andrew

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Br James Andrew made his first profession in vows on the Feast of St Michael and All Angels, 29th September 2008.

Br James Andrew made his first profession in vows on the Feast of St Michael & All Angels, 29th September 2008.

Jesus heard his unique vocation declared to him through a voice from heaven at his baptism, but I think most people find their vocation in life more often through human contacts than through voices from heaven.

Brothers from Brisbane, Stroud and Sydney, gathered to celebrate with Br James Andrew as he made his first profession in vows within the Society of St Francis.

The community of St Philip’s and friends of brother James Andrew gathered for the celebration on the Feast of St Michael and All Angels.

Br Bruce-Paul (novice guardian) presided at the Mass with Br Alfred-BoonKong (minister provincial) officiating the profession. Br William offered a stiring and reflective sermon.

Br William spoke of his own sense of vocation into the Franciscan community. He said that vocation is not always a great epiphany; often it is through simple contact with others. He reminded us that all are called by God, through the Holy Spirit to our own unique life in Christ. He added that this is not often in the context of religious life, that most people have made some form of commitment to God and are stepping out in faith. Read the rest of Br William’s sermon. james-profession

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